Illuminate Agent

Since 2017, I have been a Licensed Real Estate Agent for Illuminate. But my career in real estate began much earlier. When I was 23, I purchased my first rental property with my business partner and to date we have multiple units around the city. When this journey began, I did not expect to become a real estate agent. My love for people and providing a quality place for people to live led me down this path. While I am still dedicated to investing in properties, I am excited to help others find their perfect home.

Living in Syracuse my entire life, I am familiar with all that is has to offer and the neighborhoods that are the heart and soul of this city. Upon graduating from Loyola University Maryland with a degree in Business Management, I had the privilege of working with many different people firsthand at Walt Disney World. This endeavor has given me the customer service and communication skills to truly listen to each individual throughout the home buying process and understand what their needs are.

On a personal note, I enjoy spending my free time playing the drums, reading, or traveling around the world. Personal fitness is also very important to me and I love working out or going on a run or hike. When I am not doing any of these, I am spending time with my family and my dog Comet!


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